“Best Preschool Choice You Can Make”

-Michele Gechman Montgomery

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Ali Morgan

In my opinion, this is the best preschool in the area. My son has blossomed at Kinderbugs. It incorporates hands on learning, child engagement and very importantly, a structured learning environment. My son will be entering Kindergarten next year and Kinderbugs is preparing him for the classroom. They incorporate kindergarten Spalding Reading and Saxon Math. There are four and five year olds in the classroom that are fluently reading. Phonogram and sight words flash cards are worked on in class and handed out for the child to take home. They are also tested on the sight words every few weeks. Beginning second semester, the kids are now having spelling test. All the classrooms incorporate socializing and play, arts and crafts too. These basic fundamentals have prepared my son for Kindergarten. I feel confident in placing him in any school program, traditional or classic. I can honestly say these “kinderbugs” students are leaps ahead most preschoolers. Kinderbugs also outsource a Spanish teacher and PE teacher who come into the classroom and work with the students. My son looks forward to school each and every day. I wish I would have found this school sooner. πŸ™‚

Google User

We loved Kinderbugs, they are amazing! We had a hard time finding a school (not a daycare) that focuses on curriculum, and theirs is outstanding. The school is extremely clean and inviting for children and parents. My son started just before his third birthday and continued until just past his fifth. He is already reading at a first grade level and copying sentences from the board onto his paper, doing simple math problems and can count to well over 100 in single digits and by tens, he knows his days of the week, the months, his birthday, and is starting to tell time (on both types of clocks). The kids learn about different subjects throughout the year with the main topics changing each month (i.e. dinosaurs, space, feelings etc.)… We have made great friends for life from Kinderbugs. I wish we could have packed up everyone and taken them with us when we moved (we still can’t find a preschool that compares).

Kristy Robinson

This past year was out first year at Kinderbugs. We had 3 daughters go to their school. Every single one of them exceeded our expectations in their education for their age. Our oldest was in the kindergarten program for Kinderbugs first year, the curriculum was amazing. Going Into our 2nd year and we have one going in the new Kinder prep program! I can’t wait to see how much she grows!

Heather Sites Ashbaugh

We are going to miss Kinderbugs this year as well as Mrs. Sheila and Mrs. Cassie. Excellent staff and amazing curriculum for a preschool. They are top notch out of any preschool there is!

Lindsay Dove

The absolute best preschool and kindergarten decision you can make!! I am beyond impressed with the difference an entire school year makes! πŸ˜€ Thanks Kinderbugs!

Amy Danielson

We love this preschool. Our daughter is doing amazing. She has grown so much in so many areas. The owners and staff are wonderful! Thank you Kinderbugs!

Ron Musgraves

Great preschool Evie has developed at a great rate with the instruction at kinder bugs. The staff is kind an caring. Two thumbs up for bugs!

Tanya K. Ekama

AMAZING Preschool, owners & fun staff! Love the scholastic opportunities that are offered there!! By FAR the most advanced program I’ve EVER seen at a Preschool! πŸ™‚

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