This curriculum provides unique hands-on activities and rich mathematical conversations that actively engage students in the learning process. Concepts are developed, reviewed, and practiced in order to develop strong math skills over time. Children will learn proper writing, recognizing, and counting
numbers, along with graphing, sorting, adding and subtracting skills.


Strong phonics skills are an essential part of the learning process for children. It is for this reason we use the Spalding curriculum to teach children proper phonological letter sounds, which build strong spelling, reading and writing skills.


This curriculum enhances school readiness providing a foundation of strong reading and writing skills, by identifying the developmental stages for handwriting. This program addresses the five critical knowledge areas including: oral language, phonological awareness, concepts of print, knowledge of the alphabet, and early reading comprehension.

Our teachers will keep a portfolio of the students handwriting samples from the year, that will be shared during conferences and sent home at the end of the year.


Once children accomplish their letter recognition and basic phonics comprehension, children will begin strengthening their reading skills individually through weekly reading groups. Children will read at their own level, and move from level to level at their own individual pace. After progressing through the Bob Books Collection students will advance into the Open Court reading series.


Weekly arts & crafts include cutting, pasting, painting, coloring and creating using our own imaginations! This all leads to a fun and messy way of enjoying art! Teachers will maintain a portfolio of artwork for each student throughout the year, that will be shared during conferences and sent home at the end of the year.


Children experience musical instruments along with singing and dancing in their classroom on a weekly basis.  All students will learn special poems and/or holiday songs, which will be performed on stage for friends and families at our annual holiday show, and again at our end of year performance and graduation ceremony.


Our Spanish program is taught by Mrs. Mina with Tic-Talk Spanish, in the classroom weekly. Children will be taught basic Spanish words, with a special foreign language program, that is integrated into our curriculum.