Kinderbugs is Your Best Choice

As a parent, you want the best for your child. When searching for the right Preschool and Kindergarten, you want a safe environment that adheres to all state regulations and employs dedicated and nurturing professional educators.

All Kinderbug campuses provide unsurpassed quality and an enriched learning environment for their students. Kinderbugs caring, professional staff members have years of experience providing a quality education in a safe and supportive learning environment.


What Are The Advantages

Kinderbugs WILL provide an academically rigorous springboard for your child’s later success because, as a private preschool and Kindergarten, we have resources, low class sizes, and specially selected curriculum unavailable through public school programs in the Gilbert and Chandler Unified School Districts.

Parental Concerns

Every child moves through developmental milestones, but not necessarily at the same pace. All of the teachers at Kinderbugs are aware of these milestones. They work hard to recognize your child’s developmental stage in order to provide and individualized, one-on-one academic experience. Click Here to read more about common milestones to watch for which will show school readiness

  • At two years old, your daughter’s or son’s language and communication skills are blossoming—Your child should be saying two- to four-word sentences, following simple instructions, and repeating words that you say.
  • At three years old, your child’s language skills expand dramatically—Your child should be saying personal pronouns, using plurals, and conversing in two- to three-sentence discussions.
  • At four years old, your daughter or son should know basic grammar rules, sing songs from memory, relate stories, and categorize objects (“red ball,” “three blue crayons”).
  • At five years of age, your child’s language abilities are strong enough to carry on conversations, use future tense, speak clearly, and show rudimentary problem solving.

Kinderbugs is well versed in developmental thresholds, but also in the predictive concerns so many parents have:

  • Is my child developing normally? 
  • My child does not have the fine motor skills her peers do—Should I be worried? 
  • Could my child be gifted, or excel at languages, reading, or mathematics? 

The trained, helpful staff at Kinderbugs can monitor your child’s development, provide reassurance, or, if needed, guidance on handling your child’s unique growth.


Word From The Owner…

We feel the modern educational movement toward data-driven decision-making sometimes obscures the child at the center of the picture. Your child will never be lost beneath a blizzard of collected data at Kinderbugs. Our trained teachers get to know the children by working with and guiding them. From the center directors to every teacher, Kinderbugs works hard to provide an educational environment that leaves no child behind.

Whether you are anxious about your child or eager to stay involved in her or his everyday development, Kinderbugs offers password-protected WEBCAMS so you can view your child during her or his day, without interrupting lessons or creative play.

Kinderbugs Teachers

Kinderbugs hires and trains teachers who are passionate about their work. Whether you are searching for instruction for your 2 ½ year-old, three-year-old or four-year-old, Kinderbugs has a place for your child.

Our teachers have the academic background to provide balanced, targeted instruction to your preschool or Kindergarten child.


At Kinderbugs, preschool is not a time for empty hours. Your preschooler is thirsty to learn, and we quench that thirst. We provide age-appropriate instruction to prepare your child for Kindergarten, school, and life.

Preschool, a narrow window of opportunity to help your child leap ahead academically, is not Kindergarten. The subtle differences in childhood development require specific strategies and goals for these different age groups. Our instructors at Kinderbugs know what curriculum to deliver, and when, to make the most of your child’s learning potential.

Recent studies show that preparation for Kindergarten is vital to ensure a child’s future success. An overwhelming 86 percent of students who scored best on tests also attended preschool.

At Kinderbugs we find that, using innovative methods and structured courses, we can get preschoolers to read, Kindergarteners to perform mathematics, and all students to grow at the pace that best suits them individually.


Kinderbugs features an accelerated curriculum to give your child every advantage to take the lead in the classroom. The school provides age-appropriate curricula in these areas:

  • Mathematics
  • Phonics
  • Handwriting
  • Reading
  • Music
  • Spanish language

Kinderbugs’ trained professional teachers will select the right strategies and methods that are developmentally appropriate for your child’s unique needs.

Classroom Environment

If your child expresses boredom with her usual routine at home, Kinderbugs has the answer. Our classrooms are rich resources for important academic skills at both Preschool and Kindergarten levels:

  • Challenging academics
  • Accelerated learning
  • Core academics delivered through traditional, time-proven techniques—Saxon Math, Spalding Education, Handwriting Without Tears
  • Innovative instructional methods—Tic Talk Spanish, Arts and Crafts, Music & Physical Education

We pride ourselves on the ability to maintain an exceptionally clean and organized facility that parents and students feel welcomed in. We realize how important a child’s first impression of school is, therefore, it is our priority to lay a solid foundation in children’s educational path to ensure a positive educational journey.

Children can learn while having fun and when they’re having fun they will love what they are learning.

“Providing the right tools to evolve the right educational habits”

Kinderbugs is Best for You & Your Child

As ideal as Kinderbugs is for your enriching your child academically, we also need to be right for you, the parent. The value of our accelerated programs, and three convenient locations make your decision easier. You can provide a safe, intellectually stimulating environment for your child. You can tap into the valuable resources of a caring, highly trained staff under the leadership of dedicated directors. To learn more about what Kinderbugs can offer your child, CONTACT Kinderbugs today!