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Accelerated Private Part-Day Preschool,  Kindergarten & Grade School
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Family owned and operated since 2008

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Is Kinderbugs Right For My Child?


This class is for 2-3 year olds, as an introductory preschool program for our youngest students.


This class is for 3-4 year olds, teaching them the fundamentals they need in an academic atmosphere.

Pre K

This class prepares students for Kindergarten, giving them the foundation they need to succeed.


This class is an accelerated Kindergarten program, that provides an individualized education allowing students to grow at their own pace.

You’ve spent years picturing what your child’s first day of school would be like, and we know that.  We want to give your child that experience.  Our small school and class sizes for young children allow your student to develop a positive relationship with school & learning without inhabitation.  Utilizing hand-washing and daily disinfecting, we have successfully mitigated Covid within our campuses.  We have been able to offer our little learners a safe in-person environment with hands-on learning and play.  Within our walls, we can build a beautiful world for your child together!

Why Kinderbugs?

High QUALITY matters in PRESCHOOL. Research shows that QUALITY early learning settings help develop important skills such as motivation, self control and focus. When children are young, the are learning sponges. Every new experience, word they learn, behavior they adopt, is an investment in a fruitful future. Our school provides structure which helps children grow their reading, spelling, writing and math skills. In addition, they build socialization, concept of cooperation, emotional and physical development, respect, concentration, patience, teamwork, confidence and exposure to diversity. We’ve created an environment that encompasses everything needed to succeed in traditional school and in life.

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Kids Love Our Classrooms

Every classroom is designed with the learning culture in mind.

Besides the basic learning environments, our classrooms are filled to capacity with multiple study options.  Each room is specifically designed to educate and motivate kids to learn:

The Key Components To Our Successful Classrooms

  • Learning Circle –  Group Discussions/Learning
  • Reading Station – Circle of bonding & reading
  • Activity ZoneThe “Fun” spot!

Group Interaction Is Always Fun

At circle time each of our age groups will start their morning with a welcome song, the Pledge of Allegiance, as well as use a Saxon monthly calendar to review days of the week, months of the year, weather, counting etc.

Circle time is also used throughout the day for book-look and story time as well as a place to gather and review concepts learned throughout the day. It is important for students of all ages to learn to sit in a group together and give their teacher their undivided attention.


Individualized Reading Program For EVERY CHILD…

Through weekly reading groups every student is able to build their reading skills individually, no matter what level they are starting from! Beginning with BOB Books, then leading into the Open Court Books, all the way to chapter books…your child is sure to succeed and learn to love reading!


Learning Is Fun!

Socialization with peers, hands on science experiments, weekly cooking activities, arts & crafts and MORE! Learning and having FUN go hand-in-hand!

Every class will learn important social skills when they work in centers. This is an important aspect of preschool that helps them succeed later in life by being able to work well with others. Science, Social Studies, Cooking and Art are also a big part of preschool and Kindergarten and will take place weekly


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What The Community Is Saying

This past year was our first year at Kinderbugs. We had 3 daughters go to their school. Every single one of them exceeded our expectations in their education for their age. Our oldest was in the kindergarten program for Kinderbugs first year, the curriculum was amazing. Going Into our 2nd year and we have one going in the new Kinder prep program! I can’t wait to see how much she grows!

Kristy Robinson


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