Mrs. Sheila


I grew up in Scottsdale, Arizona and met my husband of 28 years at Coronado High School. We have 12 children together.  Our oldest Alex is 29 years old, Kole is 26, Brooke is 25, Jake is 22, Amber is 19, Logan is 16, Scott is 15, Isabel is 13, Gwendolyn is 11, Lance is 9, Emmett is 8 and Hazel Rose is 5.  I have always loved being around children and am so blessed to have such a big family!

I received my degree in Accounting but later made the decision to change career paths when my children were very young in order to be home with them. I ran a preschool from my home for almost five years then in 2008 my sister in law approached me with the idea to open a facility.  I was so thrilled with the idea to offer this unique accelerated program that I jumped on board despite the fact that at the time I lived in Prescott. I commuted for three years before moving back to the valley.  I have been so fortunate to have taught our PreK & Kindergarten classes over the years.  Developing the curriculum for such young minds is my passion!  My favorite place to be is with the students and teaching them new things everyday.  I know how important these early years are and I feel so fortunate to be able to own a school that provides love, guidance and an amazing start to children’s educational journey.

My goal this year is to encourage students’ academic and social growth while providing a safe and loving environment. Watching children learn is very rewarding and I am looking forward to a wonderful, productive year.