This class is an advance Pre-K/Kinder program, that provides an individualized education allowing students to grow at their own pace.

Your child will learn the following

  • Hold/Position Pencil Correctly
  • Recognize, Name, Write Upper & Lowercase Letters/Numbers with Correct Formation
  • Recognize, Spell & Write First & Last Name
  • Identify Oral (OPR) and Written (WPR) Phonogram sounds (1-70)
  • Identify Spalding Rules & Markings
  • Grammar: Types of Sentences & Parts of Speech
  • Sound Out & Blend Words/Weekly Reading Groups
  • Sight Word Recognition (Dolch Pre-Primer through Third Grade Sight Words)
  • Recognize & Name Shapes/Colors, Verbally Count (1-130+, by 2’s, 5’s, 10’s, Backwards from 10), Count Objects 1-100 Using one-to-one Correspondence, Identify Patterns (AB, ABB, ABC), Sort by color/size/shape, Tell Time to the Hour & Half Hour, Identify Money (Name & Value) etc.
  • Build Reading Comprehension through Oral/Written Testing
  • Build Spelling Skills through Weekly Review, Testing & Monthly Spelling Bees
  • Build Fine Motor through Cutting & Pasting etc.
  • Build Gross Motor through Jumping, Throwing, Balancing etc.
  • Build Social/Emotional Development through daily engaging activities with Teachers & Peers
  • Build Cognitive Skills through lessons with Problem Solving Activities
  • Build Speech/Communication Skills through Singing, Listening to Stories, Retelling Stories etc.

*Please note that each milestone that a child acquires builds on the last milestone developed.  Also, each child is an individual and may meet developmental milestones a little earlier or later than his peers. This is because each child is unique and will develop at his or her own pace.

Other Information

Kinders/Kinder-Prep – $425/month

AM: M-TH 8:00am – 11:45am

PM: M-TH 12:00pm – 3:45pm

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